Thursday, April 01, 2010

Posting this for Dianna :)

Bloggety blogger isn't working for me.......Soooo I had to have someone post it for me =D

Today is long and busy as always. Stopped at home to dye eggs, make the kids some dinner.

I'm going to a friends tonight for dinner. Had to stop and buy wine lol!! I have never bought wine before, so well...... I had no clue what I was buying. I felt like such a boozer walking out of there with a brown bag.

I can't wait for dinner tonight =D I am sooooooo excited!!

Yesterday was so warm and beautiful out. I really had such a good day and was just so full of joy for most of it. This morning I think I needed an attitude adjustment! x.x Been kinda grumpy.

I'm just tired I guess. So much running and when my day is full from start to finish, I tend to worry if I can get everything done. It's hot out and just as soon as I get one thing done, I have to move to the next.

Okay this is short and sweet, I gotta go finish my make up and pretty myself up for din din!

Have a great day



**It's me!! I think I finally got it fixed YAY!! =) Okay, out the door but had to post a YAY!!

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