Thursday, April 15, 2010


Had a bit of a trying morning, but I'm back on track =)

Baby E has that effect on me. You can't possibly be in a sad or bad mood around her. Her smile lights up the whole entire room and she says the cutest things ever. I totally love her!!

Today I got to spend the afternoon taking care of both Justus and baby E. I had forgotten how much work it is! God blessed me with the best family ever.

I went to the gym early, early!! Down 35 lbs yay and yay!!!!!

Went and bought potting soil and came home and planted all the flowers Elmer sent!

I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about them! I will be out there every day to check and see if they have grown.

Weird statement, but I want to go fishing so badly. I have never been and I have this strong will to go. I saw a commercial for and I wanted to go there. I want to learn to fish =)

Okay, I am off to spend time with the lovely Savannah banana!!

Have a fantastic evening everyone.




the curl said...

Well E woke up asking for Didanna.
She seriously did. She loves you too and so does your family.
I also loved our chat, it was great.
Thanks for helping out so much!



Justus loves you too!

Carie said...

Fishing is the most amazing time for me, I don't care if I catch anything, but for me sitting there, or walking...just being and thinking, its amazing :) we got fishing alot, I love taking Ashley, she gets so into it and gets so lost in thought, its so amazing to watch :)