Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Terrific Tuesday =)

Today is already so much better than yesterday!

The sun is shining! God is wonderful!! Life is wonderful!!


I'm so busy today. I had a house this morning, then to the gym and now home for a bit.

Gonna work out in the yard. Elmer emailed me and said he is sending a bunch of seeds to beautify my naked yard!! I'm sooooooo excited!! You guys know I'm all about flowers!! So, I gotta start getting the yard ready to plant!!


Hopefully this year, I'll do it right.

Got Savannahs cake ordered this morning! Got her presents =D

I'm just so excited!!

The gym was wonderful. Angel brightens up my day =D I'm down 32 lbs now =) The whole gym saw my boobs cause all my clothes are falling off. I gotta get some tighter shirts. I put all my too big clothes away and going to get rid of them. Gone, gone. I'm never going back to that size.


I feel great! I kept my heart rate up to 133 which is my target heart rate for a full hour. It dipped once or twice, but I was consistent with my pace.

Angel and I are talking about running the mini-marathon next year.

If we don't succumb to laziness, we will do it =)

Have a fantastic Tuesday.

I'm out for the rest of the day!!

Sunshine, flowers, good friends.... What more does a girl need? Oh, Jam! He sent me some Jam too!! My favorite! =D

Love, Love and LOVEEEEEEEEEEE all you guys


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