Friday, April 16, 2010

Windy Friday!!

Hi hi hiiiiii =D Okay, I am really ecstatic. Next to the scales at the gym they have an emergency button to push, well, today I got on the scales and it showed a 5 and a half pound loss. I almost passed out and jumped in between scales the old klunkers and the digital.

I wanted to push that button and scream into the speaker "I lost almost 6 lbs this week" but I refrained. /sigh

Both said the same. Gonna try to confirm it tomorrow, but I hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it's correct That's just one week!! I don't wanna get excited though until it sticks.

Me, Curl n Linney had a really nice conversation yesterday about God and what special things he helps us see or ways he has touched us. I love hearing what he has done for others and I love sharing what he did for me.

He always gives me wisdom to see something I didn't.

I have complained on this blog before about a handful of people who never contact me, never call me, never even think of me.......unless they need something.

Need a haircut, need pictures taken, need their computer fixed. This has been happening for years upon years. It was wearing me out and Dianna Miss politey pants didn't want to say no. It might "Hurt their feelings" I didn't think of my own worth and how much it hurt that these people wanted nothing to do with me any other time than when they wanted something.

A month ago a few from the handful group needed their computer fixed again...... I was so hurt, because at that time I really needed friends and was just mad because they didn't want me, only what I could do for them. I got a wake up call when I said "I love how people only call me when they want something from me"

A big light came on over my head and said "I bet that's how God feels about me" I felt so low. The fact was up until recently anytime I went to God was when I *needed/wanted* something.

Never went to him to talk or to be thankful for what he had given to me. Just pushed him aside, forgot about him, until I needed something.

Since that was revealed to me, I make it a key point just to talk to God and ask about him and show extra thanks for what I do have.

I don't ever want to make him feel like that. Maybe that was point God was trying to teach me. It wasn't about saying no, it was about making me see what it's like when someone only turns to you when they need/want something.

So selfish of me. Lesson learned.

All of us are so selfish. I never thought that word applied to me, but it sure does. I am selfish and it's an area I need to work on.

Okay, Happy Friday =)

Much Love



'- Allana Patricia -' said...

Olaa ...
I liked that his meditation reaaallly interesting. Also made me think about it .. : S
Sometimes we seek God in our explanations, and forget that he is on our side at all times.
Allana Patricia, Garanhuns-PE, Brazil

Melzie said...

wow what a wake up call dianna, very good point! :) love you lots like tater TOTS actually even more, more like CHEESY tots from Sonic! oh oh love you lots like SONIC ICE :D hehe melzzzzzzzzzzzzie

Melzie said...

darnit now I want sonic ice LOL