Friday, April 15, 2005

A Treasures Trove

Okay not sure if you guys know about this book, A Treasures Trove. A guy Michael Strather (sp?) has hidden 13 jewels in the US and you buy the book and try to figure out the codes and what nots to find out where the jewels are. They are VERY hard codes and very hard clues. Well.............I have heard that there is one right here in Louisville!! My mom and I went troving at George Rogers Clark Park and found some trees like in the book. Soooooooooo Now i have to go read this book again and try to find this jewel!!!!!!!!! its so much fun doing it, but stressful. I want the token to get the jewel!!! I guess well hit Cave Hill Cemetery next, a beautiful beautiful cemetery/park. If you have Treasure Troved let me know!

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