Monday, April 04, 2005

April 4, 2005

It was such a long weekend. But it went by so quickly. Seems anymore on the weekend we just run and run and run. No one understands my want for just wanting to stay home and not leave for a week. Springbreak started, but I have to get ready to go to the grocery store. I need to go because i am tired of eating tacquitos. But i am having anxiety issues. I don't feel well, my chest wall is hurting and i just dont feel good. Today is one of those days where its easier to have a panic attack than others. So that leaves me in the house. I guess I just need to get up and do it but then i have to get ready, get savannah ready (who is now fully potty trained) and then drive out to the store then carry and put away the groceries.
I wouldnt be so reluctant to go if i wasnt so busy all weekend. This is how my weekend went. We wake up saturday to get stuff for savannahs party. We go to everythings a dollar, then to big lots, then we go to super walmart where we spend 3 hrs and 200 dollars and an hour of t hat 3 hrs in line. YES in line. It was crazy that day. Crazy! We go to take Darth Tater to kyles BIL and then they want to keep savannah for the night, okay, they keep her. We get in the car, come home to unload the groceries and then go back out to take care of uncle eddie. Not to mention we also went to factory card party outlet somewhere in that day. Then by the time we are done and home its like 9:30 at night we set our clocks back and go to sleep. Wake up sunday do a little cleaning around here, then get baths and then leave to my moms so i can clean her house. She wanted her extra bathroom done so i had to do extra work and ugh i was just exhausted. Get moms done, then proceed to my aunt sues to clean. She says she has about an hours worth of work for me. LOLLLLLLLLLLL It took 5 hrs to clean her house. She has all wooden floors and getting the pet hair off of them in a chore, she has 2 bathrooms to clean also and just blllllllllahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Kyle hung curtain rods and i also decorated her kitchen. Okay so i am finally finished cleaning her house, next stop uncle eddies where i also have to clean. Ed lives on the 3rd floor, yes the 3rd, my legs ached as i trudged up. I g ave him his food and then cleaned and mopped and cleaned his bathrooms. If i never see another bathroom again it will be too soon. I have 2 of my own to clean. After we finished eds we drove home where i had to take a bath, I Just did not want to get in the tub. Then i lay in the tub and listen to the boys (we have alex for spring break) they were up til 2:30 and i woke up at 4 because my poor girl had to pee and we had her in a zipper footie sleeper and in her sleep she woke up had to pee and couldnt get it off, so we rescued her. You know some parents can't wait til their kids are at the babysitters or they get a free night. When savannah was gone, all i could do was just wish she were home. I don't get much quiet at all, but Id rather hear her screaming and talking and playing then nothing. Same when the boys leave. Im iss them. I enjoy my kids with me. OKay i have procrastinated enough. I must get my butt up and go to the store. Ill be back later............

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courlog said...

(((Dianna))) Sounds like you had a BUSY weekend! I don't clean bathrooms LOL Lucky me! DH does em. It's so nice of you to help everyone out though!

I KWYM about Savannah getting up at night to go potty. Courtney got up at 4:30 Friday morning. She pulled her panties down in her room and walked to her door (panties around her ankles, stuck on her knee high boots--don't ask lol) She tripped when she got to the door and slammed head first into it. I ran in there and got her to the potty and then she saw her jeans on her floor. She wanted to put them on. Naturally we had to take the boots off to get them on...then she wanted the boots back on, but it took 10 freaking minutes b/c she had been sleeping with them all night with no socks on (weird girl I tell ya! lol) Then she wanted a belt on @@ UGH lol Not what I wanted to be doing at quarter till 5! So finally I got back in bed and 10 minutes later I hear her radio up full blast. I ran in there and she was jumping on her bed dancing to her music. ARRRRRRRRRGH! lol Kids---can't live with em, can't live without em! LOL

Keep your chin up and know that tomorrow is your Tuesday night AI feista!!