Sunday, April 17, 2005


That freaking song is stuck in my headddddd. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Tonight, going okay. Since i had that flu, i am anxious all the time, no matter what I do i am body scanning or something doesn't "feel right" its truthfully making me nuts. I haven't felt good in awhile now. Maybe it's because i am not sleeping much at night. I am not getting replenished or something. Hells bells who knows. Maybe its that the flu was sooooooo awful that i am scared to get it again. I haven't ever been that sick. Ever. I recovered faster from childbirth than from that. I still don't feel like I did before and I still lose my voice frequently if i talk to much. I had no voice for 15 whole freaking days. @@ eye roll to that. Well Kyle just informed me that Savannah is asleep so I guess I will try to sleep. I am IMing with my friend. I am sad for her. She reads this so I hope she is listening. Only diet if you want to. Don't let anyones harsh harsh words and criticism, make you want to have an operation that could kill you. Being thin, isn't worth it. You look beautiful the way you are. Someone doesn't see you for who you are inside. He just laughs and ridicules you and makes you hurt. He makes you doubt yourself when he should be loving you, no matter if you fail on a diet or if you succeed. He shouldn't ever tell you to change your clothes or who you are. You are too good for him. God made you the way you are. He made us all different sizes, different colors, different ways. You've lost yourself somewhere, by the things he tells you. I know it hurts being heavy, I know it hurts all to well, but i couldnt imagine the pain, of taking one of the things, I hate most about myself and having someone I love use that to hurt me. I'll reiterate, you are to good for him. You are so funny and you make me laugh, but I always see sadness in your eyes. Cheer up my friend and love you for who you are. I Love you and I think you are the one of the kindest souls i have met. God doesn't make accidents and he made you. So thats gotta tell you something. I am going to finish IMing you now and tell you to read this so get to reading and cheer up. We'll hit the new Golden Corral this week and only make healthy choices!! COUGH COUGH!! Really if you diet, i will help you. Well go walking or you can ride my bike or I can let you take opie on a walk with Pinto and buddy ;) Thats for sure exercise. God bless you my friend! I gotta go to sleep now cause Grammy shirley about killed me yesterday. Nite nite!!

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