Sunday, April 17, 2005

Posting some pics from yesterday

I love my children!! PS I didn't sleep last night, I thought for sure i was going to have a heart attack and die because things were going so right. Whats that song, won the lottery and died the next day? Man i just need to accept it! We get the news on our house this week. I am scared, more so now than ever. So I am going to post picssssssssssss YAY :)
Okay this first one, is of all 3 of my angels, at Waterfront Park.

Kids at Waterfront Park

The second one is of Savannah after she saw Geese fighting. These geese scared the crap outta her. They were all nesting and LOUD!

The geese were fighting and scared her LOL

Third is of my boys, getting mad at me because i asked to take their picture. They don't know some day theyll appreciate my camera always being in their face!

My boys who HATE having their pics taken :(

fourth is my baby girl trying to climb a tree at the cemetery. Shes so cute!

Savannah climbing the trees at Cave Hill

Fifth pic is savannah looking at the Dirty Ohio River, bless her heart

Savannah checkin out the dirty river

Last and least for now ( i gotta put my single bros pic up so he can get married, I need neices and nephews! ) Savannah hurt her arm and i thought this pic was so cute

Savannah after she got a boo boo

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