Friday, April 22, 2005


okay better this afternoon, thank goodness. I got all the mad out of my system. I got the laundry room cleaned out and organized, the hall closet cleaned out and organized, dinner finished, dishes done and counters wiped down. I am going to put away laundry buttttttttttttttttt theres a spider in there, screw that. Kyle can put it away. I almost cried LOL i am that afraid of spiders. I can presently see myself shaking out everything I own from now on eek til i think that eight legged sucker is gone. He was just looking at me. Of course all brown spiders are recluses according to us. It sounds better ya know, than it was just a spider ;) my anxiety disorder started with thunderstorms. It thunderstormed the day i found out brett had cancer. Its supposed to thunderstorm bad here tonight. I am scared. Before i used to watch the weather channel for hours on a day it was supposed to storm. Today i have graduated to watching the news when it comes on, but not really checking until it storms. For 10 years i was fine, so i kinda grew out of it. but i am nervous. There is a plus, I got to watch Ellyn today :) I think she is one of the funniest human beings ever LOL, watching her always makes me feel better. :) I can't wait til summer to catch all her reruns and order me a donkey that shoots cigarettes out of its butt!! ANthony got his report card, all A's 1 b and D in algebra. I don't know how to handle that mix. I am terrible in math, so it is passed on but I feel his video game time should be limited a lil to study it more. I dunno, i shall think on it. I gotta price my aunts stuff for the yardsale, I guess ill do that tonight and organize it. I gotta find out when town haul is comin on again i miss it :( ill be back tomorrow

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