Wednesday, April 06, 2005

a lil afternoon break

Decided to take a lil break. I tackled Savannahs room, i moved all her furniture around and rearranged her room, then vaccuumed under everything and found all her princess shoes and outfits. Her room is packed totally full. We have a birthday party on saturday. UGH what to do what to do. I learned today, that I am probably one of the only humans on this earth that doesn't separate my winter clothes from summer clothes. Now i wanna go buy some tubs to take all my winter stuff and pack it away. Sad thing is I wear all my clothes all year round LOL> buttt it is a good idea for savannah and the boys. After all my accidents consuming gluten and my red blistered face, i have decided to stick to stuff i KNOW is gluten free for 100% sure. So more freaking dinty more beef stew and More freaking vienna sausages. This disease is such a freaking pain in the rear. Before I got diagnosed with this disease I was feeling really really badly. On a daily basis, bad. Couldn't move, stomach problems etc. Welllllllllllll, I was asleep. Sound asleep. I felt something tingly on my arm, The kind of tingle like when a limb is asleep. But it wasn't asleep. All the sudden I hear "I tried to go through kyle but couldn't, you need to go to the doctor" I woke up. Instantly I knew who it was. It was Brett. Alot of people don't think that can happen, let me tell you when it does it is so weird yet peaceful. I got up and then wrote to my mommy group, asking am I being neurotic, or did this happen. Should i go, should i not. Being the hypo that i can be, i decided to go. The dr. wanted to check for something. He said he has done 2 tests for this in the 10 years he had been there. Why me, why that day. A few weeks later the results came back, showing my intestines was damaged, quite badly and that I had every test come back positive for Celiacs disease. Thank you Brett very much. Well.......................Onto my point.......... Last night Kyle was sound asleep and Woke up and said What?? I was like what? He said, did you just hear that? I said noooooooo hear what. He said "someone just whispered my name in my ear" Okay total freak out here. Of course running through my mind is Brett woke him up to get me cause i am gonna die or have a heart attack. I was scared and didn't fall asleep til very late. Brett is around i truly believe. One time Kyle and I were fighting and the hamsters flew off the middle of a table. Just flew off. And another time LOL this one is funny. Its 2 am and we are asleep. I hear Kyle said "what the freak are you doing" I said I am sleeping what the hell are you talking about. He goes on to say "will you quit putting freaking ice on me" I am like i am not doing anything to you. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He looks down and there is a freaking frog sitting directly on his chest... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he screams "its a freaking frog" and throws it and it sticks to the wall. LMAO the rest of the night he was on the internet checking to make sure the frog wasn't poisonous LOL. Funny stuff there LOL i laughed so hard i threw myself into an asthma attack that night LOL Where he came from Ill never know. Okay i have had enough of a break, one more bathroom to tackle along with the outskirts of my room so after the party it wont be too hard to straighten up.

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courlog said...

ROTFLMAOPIMP @ the frog!! OMGoodnes! That's a good one!!