Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday afternoon NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I did it, I gave into anxiety :((((((((((((((((((((( I went and got Juan out of school early because i always have panic attacks on the drive home, friday traffic is so bad and I had a headache so i gave in and went and got him. :( I am disappointed in myself, but what's done is done. The chiro this morning did nothing for my headache. He could barely get my back adjusted. I am that tense. I told him its his fault (we are trying to buy his house) Its been a week since paperwork has been done and they keep telling us, oh maybe tomorrow well know @@ eye roll for them. JUST TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess a week from now, we'll know and it will have been silly to of been this keyed up over the answer. Auntie Am came over last night and i fixed her computer and copied her tax papers for her. She just moved here from Hawaii, Why?? Who would leave HI for KY? She must love us an awful lot LOL. Its nice they are here, but at the same time it brought up memories of brett, (thats his sister) they like talking about him and I do too but sometimes its painful. I am dealing with it though after blocking it out for so long so thats good. The therapist said that your mind will let you know what you can deal with and when. Ill know when its time to move on and deal with the next issue. Juan got his report card All of his grades have gone up :) Makes me proud!! Anthony wants his yearbook this year so I guess well get it. Last year we got it and some kids stole it from him @@ so i hope this year isn't a repeat. Okay I guess I had better.........Um ........... Um......... I don't think I have anything to do LOL I could post a picture of my sweetie sleepin this morning. Yah Yah Yah i think i will. She had her little hands tucked under her head. She melts my heart. Pic below then i guess ill go be a ho LOL hey it rhymes!!

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