Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday April 24, 2005

Well. Im tired as hell. I didn't go to sleep til 12, got up at 3 with savannah screaming, then got back up nost at 7:20. Maddie got here at 6 but i think kyle was up and got her. I wanna go back to bed, but i can't. I have to get ready. Eat. Go clean moms, go clean aunt sues. Come home go grocery shopping with kyle, then go to clean Uncle eddies and feed him dinner. You have no clue, how much I don't wanna do any of this stuff. My back is killing me. It now hurts even to wear a bra. My arms are numb and I wanna just spend the day watching movies. Nope. Never. I have to work. Every single freakin day. No breaks. No vacations. Just work. Unscripted LOL sounded like TLC had to throw that in there. Dave couldn't get my back adjusted on friday and man, it hurts. Badly. It feels bruised. I don't wanna go anymore. at all. My back is very messed up. Just seems as soon as i get to feeling ok, i go and my back wont adjust because of dr cooks injury and then i get left with pain. I am tired of pain. I Hurt every day so why go do it on purpose. I am already trying to devise many ways to get out of mondays appt. I have extreme anxiety about going. Tuesday, I have to clean my aunts all day long. I need to find a babysitter. Wed evening, clean my aunts, friday evening clean my aunts. Thursday therapy. Saturday back to cleaning moms and uncle eddies. Sigh. Oh shit, i forgot about the yardsale saturday morning. i gotta do that. I really wanted to take the kids to the balloon race, but, Of course. Work. @@ eye roll for sure. you know I am going to try to schedule a me day when school is out of course and i don't have to drive all over Gods green earth. Just a me day. I am going to get my hair cut and get my regrowth done. You think being a hairdresser i could color my own hair but nope.Crud . HAIRRRRRRRR my boys both have been begging me for haircuts all weekend, I guess I need to go and wake them up and tell them if they want their hair cut lets get moving. My mom emailed me and I gotta cut her hair before i clean. Alllllllll planning my free day turns Owooow GOtta go.

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