Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April 6, 2005

Well, only 2 more days til my baby girl turns 3!! She asks every day if its April eif yet. LOL its too cute! We aren't doing much on her birthday, but her big party is the 9th. It's wearing me out before it even gets here. I have been wondering why i am so tired and i went to the dr and they did a blood test to measure my iron, it was 11.7 which is good and normal. Well......... I get a letter in the mail yesterday saying that even though my blood is normal, my iron stores are very low, so i still have to take iron twice a day til the stores build back up. I loathe the iron. It gives me a stomach ache. Oh well. Hopefully after the stores go up i can stop taking it altogether. Thats if my stomach has healed up and i can asorb it again. I have managed to get the kitchen sparkling clean, i worked all day yesterday on 2 rooms, the boys bathroom and the kitchen, I tore them apart. They are done. This morning i had chiro so i went there, then came home and scrubbed the living room, It looks great!I got all the fans finished. The boys are dusting and cleaning their room. I dusted savannahs room and have to get it cleaned up and then theres my room which i can't do til after the party because we have soooooooooooooooooooooooo much party stuff in there. Its filled to the rim with brim ;) speaking of coffee, Or Coke LOL i am stuck on the lime in the coke you nut,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i sing that over n over again. EEK everytime i do an entry theres a rinse cycle brb. bet ya didn't even know i was gone lol. my eye is twitching , what the hell is with that?? Okay i really really need to be productive. Although i am exhausted, i really really need to finish my house. I feel so much better when my house is clean. So I must must press on. Okay, wish me luck and pray i dont fall over because this time change has done me in and i am tired. PS Amazing race is sooooooooooooooooo good, i love rob and amber!! American idol Nadia was awesome, so was constatine YAY i always think of ovaltine when i say his name LOL Be sure to drink your constatine

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courlog said...

You goof ball! I'm a Nestle kinda gal!!