Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Friday Friday

well Derby time starts tomorrow, Balloon race, which i can guarantee won't get off the ground in the morning because of the wind. No rain so that means my yardsale can take place YAY ! i hope the wind doesnt get us though. The mini marathon is in the morning too, jogging 13 miles at 8 am is not my cup of tea. I couldnt make it one without the paramedics comin my way. My thigh is still hurting speaking of running. I have no clue what happened to it. its been hurting for a few days. theres no lumps or anything. Its probably more chiropractic woes. I haven't been all week. Woopsie. i just don't wanna hurt and the adjustments hurt after the dr cook incident. Thank you very much Dr Cook @@. I went to big lots this morning and got maddie n savannah each a mary kate and ashley video. They love those girls. To Grandmothers house we go is a fav of theirs. No bed No bed No bed! they love that line LOL Maddie won't be here tomorrow, thank Goodness and hopefully savannah sleeps in pretty late. Well i gotta turn the teletubbies off. The baby in the sun scares me and frankly so do they. i don't see how they can be educational, th ey talk like Goodnesss know what and ugh are irritating. Tubby toast @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ on that i am o uttie

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