Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

A lil sir elton this rainy saturday morning! I have been cleaning ALL Morning long. Cleaning out everything to get rid of anything I possibly can. I ebayed a few of my aunts music boxes. Listing stuff on there to me is a pain. Ummmmmm Savannah gets her new bed today :) ill take a pic of it. I cleaned and rearranged her room so it would all fit in there. Its so cute. Her doll house bed i will either yardsale or once upon a child it. Either or. I just want stuff GONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! i am tired of stuff. The more stuff the more of a mess. The boys are cleaning out their room. I am achey. I dunno if its from all the cleanin or the weather change. Last night we had some baddddddddd storms, one min the sky was dark then the next it was dark green and we had a tornado warning. I have some pics Ill post. My mom got pics of the funnel cloud. SKEERYYYYYY!! I went outside and kyle asked why the sky was dark green and I was like that means TORNADO EEK so he got the kids in the closet and of course being a big chicken that i am stood outside to take pics @@
Storm coming

5 min later the green sky when tornado hit

funnel cloud pic at moms

and of course i have to show you after the storm

After the storm

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