Friday, April 15, 2005

Bored :(

There is nothing to do tonight :( I'm bored. I've been in blog world for a little while. I cleaned for a little while. Savannah and myself ummmm sorta dressed up her my size barbie. Savannah says she looks beautiful, i say she looks streetwalkerish LOL She has on necklaces and pretty pjs and princess beely boppers a beaded purse and socks with balls on them. Okay sounds more skanky than street walker, butttt she looks horrific, I think i may share a pic LOL Okay finalizing the disc hang on a sec LOL i told her to say cheese and she looked at street walker barbie and asked her to say cheese LOL

sav and barbie

I hope that worked. Kyle is off getting her to beddy bye, my brother is in town visiting, sleeping at our house. She loves her Uncle Johnny. He was away for alot of years at Law school, he came back last year when he graduated and then worked here for awhile and got transferred to a firm down in Lexington. At least its not too far away. Okay I guess i am gonna go find something to do. Savannah has watched A Christmas Story all day so i have images of red ryder bb guns dancing in my head. Okay, I got roped into garage saling in the morning. hopefully i can find something I can sand down and make purty.
Til tomorrow

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