Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Finally woke up!

i went to Target, the store of my dreams! my mom bought me some cleaner if i picked her some up too. I cleaned all day my kitchen, it sparkles! YAY! Okay on the anxiety attack thing, I think i had a breakthrough today. I usually have to have air blowing in my face all the time or else it feels like i am not breathing. Also i always am thinking about anxiety and body scanning looking for symptoms. Well when i picked up Juan today, I daydreamed for about 10 minutes. I NEVER daydream anymore. For 10 whole minutes i wasn't body scanning. That was weird for me because its been so long. ANDDDDDDDD I had no heat no air nothing on. THere was no movement of air and I did't feel like i was suffocating. I caught myself on both counts and just kinda sat there for a few minutes and enjoyed the moments. Its been years since that has happened. So i had to share. Hopefully this is a beginning of the end for anxiety. :)

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