Tuesday, April 26, 2005

April 26,2005

Writing really quick while i eat my breakfast. Getting ready to clean my aunts for the day. My goal of going to bed at 1030,,,,,,,,,,,,well I met it, BUTTT........Woke up with a panic attack about 5 min after falling asleep, i got shaky and upset and ended up staying up til midnight. I know once roseanne goes off and fresh prince is making its 2cd round, its time to go to sleep. But if i stay up and wings comes on I am in deep shit cause then its too late LOL. So i am going on about 6 hrs sleep @@ i am tired. Oh well, life goes on i do suppose. Savannah left this morning for larrys and Sesame Street came on and i started crying. Whyyyy cause i miss her. :( I rarely get to see her when i am not working :( we need a girl day :( my lil princess. Okay i have gots to go, cats testing is this week and juan can't be late. Ill bbl.

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