Monday, April 25, 2005


i am sitting here eating a gluten free brownie with peanut butter chips. It tastes like heaven til you chew it and the gritty rice texture gets to you. Why are mondays always stressful? Seems everyone drove slower today. Seems the traffic was heavier today. It gets like this every year at Derby time. I hate the extra traffic. I live about 5 miles from Churchill downs. It sucks. Man these brownies are awful i wonder if i didn't mix them well enough. its like eating chocolate covered sand. Bluch. i wanna go have some big fat waffles and some biscuits yummmmmmmmmm but nope never ever again :( of all diseases for me to get LOL it had to be a food disease LMAO isn't that ironic. Food my drug of choice. I am so bored. Kyle came home and went outside directly to mow the grass. I never see him. I haven't been going to bed til 1230 or 1 am so i have made a plan to go to sleep at 1030. The only bad thing is when i do that, i wake up with a panic attack. I feel shaky, can't catch my breath, etc. But when i stay up later, i don't wake up in an attack. I remember before savannah came along, i used to go to bed at 9 or 930 lmao i haven't seen a bed time like that for awhile. She had colic and screamed all day and all night. She still screams alot at 3 LOL. None of my kids are sleepers. Anthony thinks that when it gets light, its wake up time. Even at almost 14 he doesnt sleep in. Juan will sleep in but since they share a room anthony wakes him up. Savannah only sleeps late on the days i need her to be up early LOL . Well i guess i had better go. I have to spend the day tomorrow cleaning my aunts. I didn't have to do much recleaning at my uncles this morning. Thank God! Okay I will try to find time to write tomorrow evening.

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