Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What the ?????????

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So it's about 5 am....... I am blissfully sleeping my wee little heart out. Me and Savannah were in basement. Kyle was upstairs......Get the vision? Okay, So I feel someone start pressing on my chest almost like they are trying to bounce me on the bed. I get my wits about me think, am I dying, someone doing CPR On me??? I open my eyes and there stands Kyle in my face and let me quote this exactly "Dianna, don't get up, Someones on the back porch, I think they are taking things"
Okay, it's always good to wake up a panic attacker like that! So, I say "What" he said he had called the cops, he could hear someone on the back porch and sounds like they were into stuff. For those of you who don't know, we have that big Florida room thats also a dining room, sun porch type deal.
I had let the dogs out late and the acorns pounding on the roof scared me and I ran in and forgot to lock the door. Owooooo. So I am laying there and Kyle goes to sit down and I said ummmmmmmmmmmm Boys are 2 floors up and I know I'm not going up there. So he creeps 1 by 1 up the steps.
Don't you know it took the cops over 10 minutes to get here. That is part of the house, I mean, it wouldn't take much to get into our main house.
So, the cops looked around for awhile and Kyle said it didn't look like anything was missing. But the thought of someone being in my house, I feel kinda violated.
I'm skeered to go out there.
Geez, I can laugh it off a bit now at the thinking someone was doing CPR on me and the way I was woken up.
Then I got on Kyle, I wasn't planning on waking up and going upstairs, why'd you wake me up. He was like, well would you of rather of me not told you? That's a hard question for sure. Need to make a mental note to deeply think that if next time a burglar is in my home, do I want to be woken up? What about you guys, what would you do? You know, if my life was drama free, I don't know what I would do. Sure wish it would come on!
Savannahs feeling much, much better. She said she can't hear out of that ear. That has me concerned but from what I understand when your drum ruptures you do lose hearing for awhile. :( It's bugging her, she has asked me several times If I could turn her ear back on. Okay..... That's my drama at 6:30, I wanna go back, back, back to bed again. Whoaaa, whoaaaaaa I gotta gooooooo back to bed!!!! Again!
I'll take a rain check on the CPR and burglars!

Happy Tuesday


Melzie said...

OH good grief how freakin scary!!!!!! I'd rather be woke up for sure. :( didnt your big bad guard dogs bark?! LOL. xoxo melzie

Cindy said...

Yikes, Dianna. That is very very scary!! I say, wake me up!! I'm definitely into wanting to know what is going on in my house. I'd probably have a heart attack though.

I'm glad your ok and that Savannah is better.

Carie said...

OMG!!!! I am so glad you are all ok and that nothing was taken...how scary to have a stranger in your house...we have had someone try to break in a few times and a guy jump my fence coming at me (I got 4 protective dogs geez he was dumb) I am so so so sorry, but I am also glad you found humor in it lol, cpr, that was funny...

I am glad you are all feeling better and I hope the doggies are doing well to, especially Opie...you deserve a major break my friend...a few months with no germs or drama or fighting...just time to laugh love and relax

Keeping you all in my prayers

SassyFemme said...

OMG, that is scary! I think if it were me I'd want to know. That way if I woke up and heard a sound before the cops got there I wouldn't go investigate, and possibly get hurt.