Friday, October 05, 2007


I have a friend we will call her Melzie :) She has a monologue. I don't know exactly what I did in this life to deserve her, but I am sure glad that I have her.
She knows that I am having major troubles in my life. She always offers a smile for me, an ear for me a whoagrl for me.
She is always sending me cards in the mail, always so sweet and just to let me know she is thinking of me and cares about me.
Today I was having a rough day, weekends are very tough for me. I go to my mailbox and of course there's yet another card from her.
I got all misty eyed and I truly again ask what did I ever do in life to deserve her?
She treats me with kindness, compassion and respect and I have no doubts at all in my head that she loves me.
I don't find that very often. I just can't understand why God takes all these people I Love and places them so far away.
I Hope to see you again soon Melody. You are truly my best friend and I have nothing but total love for you.
I love you very much!

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Melzie said...

sniffle sniffle. quit making me CRY you meanie :) xoxo melzie