Thursday, October 11, 2007

What the Sam hills going on here?

Okay........ Tuesday I had to work all day, come home do my letter writing thing. I figured I earned some internet time. I get on computer for just a few minutes. Maybe 30 or so and the whole thing crashes. So for 2 days I basically have no computer. I clean the house, work some. I start enjoying the no stress from not having the internet. No drama. Last night I really start missing it. Got really frustrated etc. So, I wake up this morning Kyle tells me computer is fixed. I get Savannah ready for school and sit down to check my email.....Got a couple of messages sent out, the flickr, flickr.........A car hit a Telephone pole and our electricity went out block wide. I was like is going to be bad like yesterday. With no electricity, there is nothing to do. I couldn't do my work because I can't see to get the right papers. I can't clean cause it's not really dirty. I mulled over taking a nice long bath. There's no windows in there so I go and grab me some candles. I get settled in the tub, lay back and close my eyes. At this point, I feel every inch of tension drain right away. I'm laying there to the point of where you are almost asleep but not quite.....Ahhhhhhhh.......Don't you freaking know the power came back on, Loud fans, bright lights and about scared the living daylights out of me. Scared me to death. So I get mad and just get out of the tub. Decide to go cook. I get my cabbage all cut up. Cabbage is my favorite and I have been wanting some forever. So....... it's cooking smelling great. I get out the sausage, cut it up and add it.....It was expired! We just got it, it was expired from July. I was so mad, that is ruined, lunch gone. I sign on to the computer and get Message after message of drama that happened while I was away and people couldn't wait to tell me! Sad thing is some of it hurts my feelings. Me n the dogs walked a mile. My day has gone bad. I should stay in the house today. Wizard of Oz line sums it all up "I'd turn back if I were you"
Happy Thursday, glad to be back online I think.

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