Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Ummmmmmm Thursday!

I can't believe it's Thursday already! Juan has went to school all this week :) Things are back to normal. I know they can easily change, so I'll take it one day at a time, but YAY!
Opie is very ill. He's at the vets this morning. :( He wouldn't get up off the couch and those of you who come to my house, know that he is extremely wild!
:( so that stinks. Worried about him. Claire seems to be healed up.
Ummmmmmm Savannah is not sick this week. I'm not sick this week. Wait! Let me go outside to make sure sky is not falling down LOL
Watched Ghost Hunters last night and OMG those EVPs were amazing!!!!! They actually made my hair stand on end! I loveeeee that show! I get a tiny bit freaked watching it at night, but scares like that are sometimes good. I am still thinking Owooooo over those EVPs! Steve looked hot as always. ::Swoon:: He will always be my top celebrity crush. Sorry Sawyer. Sawyer, who's that? LOST hasn't been on in so long I forgot what he looked like. It's sad that in the time that show took hiatus I could've had a full term pregnancy. That's nuts!
Hmmm what else........Nothing I suppose. Going to my moms this morning, pay hommage to the pool that is all closed up. Such a sad sight from her back window.
I vote next year the whole family gets into bikinis and we really have a pool party. I would of course be taking all the pics :P We can do this!!! LOL
I can see all my aunts cringing right now!!
So, I'm off, I'll update you on the little furry love of my life when he gets home. He's dehydrated :(
Have a Happy Thursday, be safe, wear seatbelts and remember that only YOU can prevent forest fires.
XO XO to all.


Cindy said...

I hope your doggie is ok!!

Glad everyone is well. Tell them to stay that way!!

I don't know 'bout the bikinis!! I would NOT be caught dead in one!! LOL!!

Carie said...

oh no poor Odie...I hope all is well with him and he gets to come home soon :(

I am also so happy for Juan :o) he is doing so good...wooohooo yuo go boy ;)

I am glad you are all feeling better this week...they say when your child is in kinder that you as a parent tend to get sick alot...all those new little germs lol

Keeping Odie in my thoughts