Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have I mentioned lately I hate winter? You know back in the day I used to hate summer... Why? I dunno, but now I hate winter. I don't like the illnesses that go with it.
My flu is getting better in the respect that I don't have a fever. Although my left tonsil is killing me and it's beet red. That ear still is clogged up.
Facing a problem.... I had some tooth work done on Dec 29th. I was supposed to have had it finished like a month ago. Kyle/ COBRA etc etc... my paperworks still not done. Its way over due.
So what happens? Of course it's me... Kyle kept his filling in for 6 or more mos no problems ever... Me?????? 6 weeks and mine breaks falls out. I see a cotton ball it hurts. Im dizzy as heck and have to go today to have a nother temporary put in til they get this crap straightened out.
Im stressed to the flipping max, Im terrified of laying with my heels over my head in that chair. I'm afraid of dizzy.
I don't feel well, Savannah is feeling better but all her toys are packed up and she is driving me crazy today. She didn't go to school we went to the new house. She wants to go to the Y and no matter how I try to explain we can't go when we have the flu she doesn't wanna hear it. Shes bored. I have tried watching movies she doesnt want to..
It's really stressing me out with nothing here for her to do and we can't go out in public. Maybe the trip to the dentist will entertain her.
Doubtful, maybe my screaming will if they flip me too far upside down.
Too bad it's not Christmas so I can say Bah humbug.

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