Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm about to pull my hair out

Seriously. I'm so angry, I feel like I need to go to the Y and just punch those baggies they have set up. We have alot going on here, I can't go into any detail what so ever for a whole lot of reasons. Things could be so much easier than they are in the difficult time, yet people are hell bent on making them harder.
I'm trying to understand logic behind what people think, what more than one person thinks. There is no logic to their way of thinking.
Kyle basically said I was a bad mom...... Because of yet again that year i was sick and he says " A year?" Like it was longer. I took her everywhere and did everythign with her. I have taken her to every dr appt she has had, I have taken her to every hospital visit she has had. I have been to all her school functions, every play, every thing. Other than last year when I played computer or slept ... when was i ever bad? I missed lunch one day, but she says he missed dinner more than once.... so does that mean he's bad too? When she had all those ear infections and was sick last year too more than normal, who took her to the dr? I think it was me every single time. I never NOT took her. Even when I had to borrow the money from my mom to take her cause he "Didn't have it" So if he thinks he can prove at any time I was a bad mom, bring it on. So i didn't go to dance practice, big flipping deal.... I registered her for school, he didn't. I went to her orientation with her just as much as he did........Maybe I didn't give her attention 24 hrs a day or who knows what else, but if he wants to say im a bad mom..... I dont recall ever holding her against a wall by her throat a few times, or almost punching her leading to the cops being called, nor dumping milk on top of her head at 4 years old. I don't recall me doing any of those things....... Oh nor not giving her lunch money and making her starve all day......... Hmm My check list is empty on all those things and more.... so as you said to me BRING IT ON........ I've done nothing wrong.
In the middle of a crisis, I guess I can see what cards he plays other than denial or stupidity. Im completely blown away.
Like any of us need anymore stress, just pile it on.
God, Im angry.

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