Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's almost Friday

Today I didn't do anything. I started feeling bad last night and today have felt weak, sluggish, achy. Tonight I was cold and just took my temp 99.4. So, I guess I have a touch of something. Still packing to move. Sigh. Just seems there aren't enough boxes and I need a ton. I'm bored. Savannah is at Kyles and I miss her horribly. I keep telling him I want to go back to the custody schedule we agreed upon and only altered it for dance... dance is over and I want to go back. He gets her for 5 days in a row and that's totally unfair, but of course when I brought it up this week nothing. So, like with everything, I have to just tell him I'm doing it and do it. No reason to ask him, he will procrastinate, it's in the divorce papers, if he doesn't like it then oh freaking well.
I guess tonight Im gonna hop in bed early. Im tired and bored, so .... bed I guess is a good thing.

Happy Friday.

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