Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feel a little

back more into real life. Like I'm not watching my life in a movie. So that helps. I just hope the anxiety stays away. Juan has a bad stomach flu and now for extra fun was pooping blood. Gotta call the dr this morning.
Waiting on the phone to ring for todays agenda. After I get Savannah off the bus today I'm taking her to the YMCA and we are gonna float in the pool all evening. Just relax and swim.
Losing alot of weight. Down 15 more lbs from January. Almost to my 60 lb mark =) Hooray!! My clothes when I walk fall off, so that's a nice feeling...well it is at first, now Im getting tired of always stopping to pull my pants up. When I took my before pics, my orange tye dye shirt was an ordinary shirt, now i can wear it as a nightgown so YAY!
My new shower curtain came today so that's another positive in what's going to be a very long day.

Hope everyone has a good one and keep prayers coming. They help more than you know. Appreciated more than you know.


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