Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ugh Miserable

My fever broke this morning. Finally. Anthony's back at school, still coughing though. Savannah is now home with a high fever and coughing. I still feel like crap, and of course like clock work, my throat hurts so bad, my tonsils are swollen, blocking my eustachian tubes causing fluid to build up...What's this mean... I'm pretty flipping dizzy and I'm pretty flipping mad. Of all flipping weeks for dizziness to come why now. I wanna say some curse words really bad, but I have done so well on nut saying them. I'm mad, very, very mad. Just pray hard please that it goes away. I have got too much to do this week to be knocked on my butt with this crap. I gobble cough drops with extremely boiling tea while sniffing vicks vapor rub. I am using nasal drops.... I have some meds to take but will knock me out and I can't do that with Savannahs fever being so high. She got sick yesterday and I was really worried with Kyle having her, but I have to say he did a really good job giving her motrin and taking care of her. Really good job. So that's pretty sweet. Okay off to sniff nose drops, chase the tea with the cough drops while sniffing vicks... Feels like a weird drinking game. Oh Johnnys taking IN bar exams today and called last night with the chills and aches, so pray he doesnt have it too. UGH It's a big beast this year.
Pray pray pray and then come see my new house, well I'd wait a week or so til we are all cleansed....It's so homey you won't wanna leave! =)

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Melzie said...

feel better sweetums. tell Johnny good luck from melzie! xoxo melzie