Monday, February 16, 2009


You know, I wish to God above that I would never have to talk to Kyle ever again in my life. I think on my long list of top stress he's my number one. Whether it be him trying to put Savannah in a bad situation..... to saying he paid off bills that he did NOT pay off and then trying to get out of it.
I can't take him. Not on any sort of level. I hate lying, I hate being told somethings been done then calling only to find out that it hasn't been done. It's frustrating esp when I have a week to get this taken care of.
I had about 20 panic attacks yesterday and somehow managed to get to church and was so relaxed there I almost fell asleep.
I have free floating anxiety today and the more I get on the phone trying to do stuff figuring out what he has done or not done I start shaking yet again.

I will be glad when all ties are cut with him and I only have to see him picking up Savannah or dropping her off.

God, I need strength to deal with that man.

Grumble, grumble on a Monday

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