Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things that go bump in the day....

Okay, so I have started cleaning houses again and today I had to do Karens. Now at your own house, you know what things are where and what things do what etc. etc...... When you go into someone elses house and no one is home and it's's weird so to speak. Karen asked today that I do her window sills...Okay, not a big deal... or so I thought. I did her living room window sill and there was this Furby and he went off, not only scaring the crap out of me, but the thing would NOT shut up..... OMG I was like wtf? How you turn this thing off, it needed a screw driver to get the batteries out and I couldnt see real well if there was an off on switch. So I listen to him for 15 min, just when I thought he was finally shut off, he would come on again. I found a Darth Vader Mask on the couch and put it on my head and took on the Furby, I found this black and blue thing on the floor that made a noise and I knocked old Furby around for a few.... I'm 100% serious that this thing was getting on my ever loving nerves. Like I need a xanax nerves....I kept the mask on for a bit and then found the rest of the costume... I actually tried it on... it fit =) So there I was walking around karens in full Darth Costume, even boots on it, helmet on taking on this stupid Furby.. I said "Furby, I am your Father" then said Young padawan what is your fate....Scooped him up by his lil grubby ear and locked him in the refrigerator.... I COULD STILL HEAR HIM!~ How is that possible for 15 min he was in that fridge saying "Ohhhhhh HIDE" I had my drink in the fridge and really wanted it and knew what lurked for a drink. I tried to softly pry the fridge open to get my drink and as soon as the door open that SOB Furby started with his chants again... ring RING RINGGGGGGGGG I shut the fridge and for 15 min heard him in the fridge zzzzzzzzzzzz ing and then ringing. Karen the next time Im scheduled for your house if that thing is there, I'm charging double. I did take the costume off and laid it on his bed ... It was a very cool costume =P I left her house and sadly forgot to take Furby out of the fridge... Sorry... (not really) I'm finally home, I went to qdoba and got some eats. I was so hungry... I have about 10 min to eat get a shower then go get Juan.
Last night I took, Savannah, Maddie May, Alissa, Aleah, Patrick and Juan to the YMCA. Im trying to keep Savannah extremely busy to get her mind off things. All the girls wanted to rock climb so we did that, then they did crafts and played in Y world.... Then at 8 after I worked out I got them all out of the Y world and took them all swimming. They had a blast and all konked out in the car on the way home. I rolled home at 10:30 last night. I was only home for 1 hr yesterday from 930 til 1030 at night.
I'm plum exhausted.

Happy Wednesday.

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Mindy said...

I hate those Furby's!