Monday, February 02, 2009


Well, we are back into our house. I had taken Savannah to the movies Saturday to see, Hotel for dogs and we decided to drive by our house and what do we see....... POWER and a mess. More branches down in my yard. It looks like a lumberjack smoked a bunch of hash and plowed through my yard.
I have alot of stuff damaged. My computer is fried from all the zaps in power. The one yesterday zapped it even more. It's doing what Karens is doing, which is not turning on. The fan comes on, the CD light comes on, but it won't power up. I get a ton of flickers and it sounds like it's sizzling.
Hmm What else. Bird boys dad came took the tree off my fence.
Dogs are worn out, Kids are worn out, I'm worn out. I really have slacked off on exercising and I really need to get it back up there. I think my iron has fallen, very, very drastically. I can tell. I have no energy and I haven't been taking it. One of these days I promise I will learn.
Other than that, nothing to report cept I hate ice.


Bigbluemike said...

Your computer probably just needs a new power supply. They are really easy to change.

the curl said...

Take your iron!!! Love you Auntie Curl