Friday, February 06, 2009

Shish kabob Anyone?

This is soooooooooooooooo not funny, in any way shape or form, but yet I can't help but laugh. As a matter of fact I joked with Curl, Jay and Linney about this on Sunday at dinner..... My pond thawed out today and sure enough is a dead fish with a tree limb going through him.......... I lifted the branch and the fish was perfectly on there like he had been skewered...... It's not funny, by any means... but I giggled and still am giggling. Juan walks in and says mom, there's a fish on a stick outside...oof and oof.

Today has been so busy, I had to clean 2 houses today, then went to Big lots for some knick knacks..Rushed home to let the kids in and got a shower. I forgot to get milk so I have to go back out. My feet are killing me. I started my exercise routine back up. I went from every day to 3 times a week, but now going to every other day.... I figured all the work I did today was enough.

I need to wash my van, from landing in the ditch sideways last week it isn't too clean.

Lisa left a comment about Savannah always being with Kyle... Yes seems that way and it's hardly fair. He's the one that wants her to dance...And can't see past his own nose.... it's very unfair especially this early in the joint custody. She will get used to being over there and it's very unfair to me, but then again that's Kyle and that's how Kyle works.

So........I told him next year absolutely no dance on my days. If she wanted to go I would say sure, but she doesn't want to, its for him.

Happy Friday!
Keep Elmer in your prayers him and his nephew are driving from CA to MD and that's a long, long haul. So pray they have a safe trip.

He's my sunshine.


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