Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am so glad everyone goes back to school and work tomorrow and I get some peace and quiet. Woot! Been a long holiday!
Today was okay I guess. Got a ton of cleaning done, got the tree up and decorated. I didn't even get out a fourth of my Christmas decorations this year.... Not excited about it, don't care about it this year, just want it GONE.
Yes, I am a grinch.
My migraine still there a bit.... Along with it my stomach is hurting.
I have been going to bed really early, getting lots of sleep. Just haven't full recovered from that stupid cold I guess. I'm gonna live in a bubble I think. Safer that way.
Hmm, nothing else really going on. Just a quiet rainy Sunday evening. I didn't get to walk today... I didn't really want to my ankle is bothering me. Although I got the cleaning done and quite a bit so I guess that counts!
Happy Sunday
Life is good

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