Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hi, happy Wednesday. =) prayers still for Melody of Melzies Monologue.. her son Jordan is very sick, but today was moved out of ICU. He's having some memory loss, but is improving. So YAY!! Keep saying prayers for him. Melody is the most amazing woman I have ever in my life met. Caring, compassionate and whatever comes her way, she triumphs. I wish she lived closer. I still remember the first time I met her, we had such a great time and as her and Danny were getting in the van, we were all waving. I started crying and looked at her and she was in the van crying too. I love her. She will be in my life for ever. When I or her win the lottery we are going to go invade Amish country get our quilts and a winnebago and travel the US...
One day Melody Little, we will go on our trip. One day.

Hmm... Well, last night, my ankle started swelling up.. I did nothing to it other than switch from the street walking to the treadmill.. this morning it was still swollen. I got up and cleaned the house from top to bottom through a horrendous stomach ache. GAG. Then still swollen. Hung curtains in Juans room, mopped floors. Took a puter break, went out and walked a mile on the street. Still swollen. Hmmm..

Kids are all home for Thanksgiving break. Juans at Chriss. His friends have been staying more here. Since there's not anymore tension between Kyle and I, it's an easier time to have people over. God, I remember one day Anthony had his friend Joey over and we were going at it and UGH i bet Anthony was so embarrassed. So, it's nice now all that tension is gone. All his friends call me mom and say Love ya!! so it's cute!

Umm.......... today got my divorce dissolution.. So we are no longer married. That's really all there is to report.
Life is really, really good.
I can't complain.
The sun is shining.
Happy Wednesday and Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
Remember to say prayers for Jordan

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Melzie said...

OMG HAPPY DIVORCE DAY WOOHOOO :) Quit making me cry my beloved whoagrl ;) xoxo melzie