Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Been busy today

Putting away summer clothes, packing up stuff I know won't be used until after I move. I got up at 8:15 and haven't stopped since. Cleaning out Savannahs dresser and closet, getting her winter clothes out. She's feeling better today, but anytime she gets up and moves around, she gets a horrendous cough. Yesterday, since Daylight savings time, it got dark early. I couldn't walk early because I was with Savannah and the boys were gone, so when Kyle got home I went out to walk. Johnny came by and I came in and talked to him for a bit then went back out walking in the dark. It was kinda nice walking at night. Gave everything a bit more interest. Seeing the houses I pass routinely at night, seeing the moon instead of the sun. I think I'll go back again at night. Was a very nice switch.
Life is good.

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