Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How do rumors get started?

Okay, I wasn't going to blog about this at all, because frankly it's no ones business but my own and Kyles... But seems rumors are getting out of control. I'm not sure who started them, but I am putting them to an end right now.

I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER had an affair on Kyle, I was extremely loyal to him for the 12 years we have been together. Even in the last 2 when we have had the worst ride of our lives, I never talked to, nor slept with anyone. Not even Kyle...

If you hear something.... Think of the source... Think of what context things are heard in.. Think would Dianna really do that? I went without intimacy,kissing.. you name it... for almost 2 years and NEVER EVER EVER even considered an affair.

I wll not go on a date, actual date like going out and doing whatever it is you do on dates, until my divorce is final.

Our marriage was always filled with alot of stress and alot of arguing. On both ends it got to where too many bridges had been burned and our children were being severely affected by the arguing.

If I am talking to someone now.... that is totally within my rights to do so. I will not meet, nor be with anyone intimately or otherwise.... ANYONE..... until my divorce is final and have prided myself on doing so and really worked hard at maintaining my reputation. Seems its always assumed that someone just had an affair, but sometimes things just dont work out. Its not always the womans fault... in this case things just didn't work and too much aruging. No adultry.. No affairs. I have heard it from more than one source (a few actually) and I am absolutely disgusted that anyone would think such a thing.

Grumble Grumble......

I haven't left the house in over a year, and it burns me up that anyone would think that. I Have laid in bed and cried night and day for over a year at my unhappiness and again for anyone to even think such a thing. Makes me ill.

Grumble Grumble......

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HOW AWFUL!here,I talked to you daily pretty much for 6 yrs,consider you a WONDERFUL friend,and this is unsettling!you are by far,one of the sweetest people I know.
I KNOW you would not,and DID NOT do anything.
HECK,i BOW to you,I could NOT be without sex for 2 yrs!Whoever gets you next,IF you ever fall in love,is a VERY lucky guy:)
You are very loyal,and a wonderful mommy.Kyle is not the right guy for you.(((())))