Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Howdy on a Tuesday

Hmm not much goin on today high lighted my hair, well had someone do it for me I should say. Man it's amazing a lift you get from doing something small. That took a couple few hours, came home ate lunch then went on a LOONG LOONG walk in the freezing cold drizzle. Brrrr. Only did 2 miles abouts today. With my cold, I didn't really feel like being out in the muck.
Tried to go to the court house to finish up my divorce stuffs..... Well, it's veterans day.. They are closed.
Happy Veterans day
Happy Tuesday
Life is wonderful.
The sun is indeed shining

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Carie said...

I am glad today was a good day, or yesterday was a good day lol sorry I get all confused...I am sorry I haven't been posting much, life has been hectic, but I am always here reading and sending you constant support...I so want to get highlites in my hair...but I have never dyed it before so I am worried lol