Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Wed Wednesday

Still sick, grumble grumble. This morning every time I swallowed felt like golf balls were in my throat.... Had to go back downtown to court. Circled downtown for 30 min having to pee, looking for parking. Parked illegally walked 6 city blocks to go to the court house and ran to the restroom. I liked to never of made it. That was rough, I tell you what.
Finished all my papers, turned in my certification for the classes.... Was about to put them in the F 8 box when the clerk was coming to pick up that box and take them to the judge and they took my lil papers with them.
So, I'm officially done doing stuff. Karen said she did hers in same time frame and hers was finalized on Dec. 11, so we shall see. Either way it's done.
WoW has been down for 2 days. I have been so bored. Walked a lot, cleaned alot and been sick alot. Guess Ill go find something to do.... not many options with the rainy yuck weather. May be a movie day.
Happy Wednesday.
Life is good.

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