Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An addition to Tuesday

Have to share something with you guys that I LOVE LOVEEEEEE. As you guys know Melzie, I have talked about Melzie a ton, I met her on line when we were pregnant with our babies and have actually met in person a few times.
We both members of a Yahoo group called Freecycle, basically its area based and people give away stuff they don't need and stuff stays out of the landfills. I have given so much stuff away on there, that I would otherwise thrown in the trash.... Anywhoo... Well, me and Mel have kinda "bonded" over peoples spelling and grammer errors. Us being the Scrabble champions we are... well... Some of it is hysterical. So now its just a game to us and we fwd the bad spelling ones and make stories up about them. It started with a lady offering up some Ciggrate (cigarette) coupons and some Goonites (good nites) then gosh it turned into so much stuff and we always incorporate our ciggrates and goonites into it... Like a couple days ago someone was in need of a Waher (washer) she did not know it was spelled with an S because she mispelled it through the whole email. today it was some Free Dented can Reed kidney beans. So I send her an email telling her I will need a waher to wash my goonites cause Im gonna eets me some reed kidney beans... There have been Overhauls left on the front porshe... Anyways, I stay subscribed to Freecycle now just for the spelling....
Had to share because I look forward every day to people misspelling so me n mel have something to email about.
Off to smoke some more Ciggrates, put my goonites on and eet my reed beans. Then I'll have some more dirty goonites for my waher. It will be okay cause I got some overhauls off a front porshe.
Happy Day.
Watch your spelling, you could end up on our list.


Melzie said...

ROFL I love bad spelling. I love good spelling. I love words all together. Talk dirty to me? No way, talk intelligently to me? Ohhlala lol. xoxo melzie

Bigbluemike said...

No comment, on grounds it could incriminate me.