Sunday, November 16, 2008


Still sick. Yes, that's right. Yesterday I reached my frustration point with this flu. I can't quit coughing, my voice is GONE GONE GONE. Grrrrr. Over a week I have had it, anytime it can leave now and it will NOT hurt my feelings. Just moved my puter up to my room. The boys puter desk was about to crash to the floor, so I gave them my desk so now they can sit in the living room and watch TV and compute.
Yesterday was my baby boys birthday 14 years old. YAY! =) We went to moms for a very small party. Him and his friend Patrick stayed all night there. I came home laid in bed and was out ouf it. I don't even remember much of yesterday. Coughing, I remember that.
Happy Sunday.
Love to all.
If any of you want this flu, I will share.
Di =)

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