Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday

Owoooooo! Happy Monday!! It's raining out... Yesterday was a nice day so I walked around my hood! YAY! This morning I woke up to rain and cold and thought mall/treadmill.. Treadmill won! I usually avoid the treadmill because after I get off of it and my dizziness problems... usually throws me into a tail spin of anxiety. But got on... Alternated jogging for 5 min, walking for 5 min... did it on an incline. Man, I feel pull and tightness in muscles I didn't when walking around the blocks or in the mall. I feel good. Did it for an hour! So YAY!! I did have some anxiety after I got off, but once I got the feeling off, Im settling down. It feels so good to work out, If I don't do it, I find myself not being able to get it out of my head. My clothes are falling off. =) I'm loving it and its coming off slowly, but I didn't put it on overnight, so it's not gonna come off overnight.
Even though it's raining. The sun is shining.
Life is good
Very good.
Happy Monday!

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