Monday, November 10, 2008

Tis Monday

Im sleepy...zzz this cold doesnt seem to be improving, just moving to different areas. My throat is wicked sore and my voice is going. Sigh.
The divorce class went great. Got my stuffs, turning it into the courts tomorrow.
Yesterday went to moms, then to my aunt sues, then Savannah wanted to go to the mall. Juan wanted to meet his girlie friend there and his friend Patrick had stayed all night.... So me and Savannah covered the whole mall, she's a true blue shopper. Ooof!! Juan, Patrick and his girlfriend I guess walked around and did their teen thing. Anthony didn't want to go.. I can't get him out of his PJs lately. He pretty much does nothing but guitar hero. I recognize it, depression. Been there, done that. So gotta work on trying to get him out of his funk.
After the mall, I came home, Kyle took Savannah out and I played WoW and then crashed. Was a long day.
Today I woke up, have cleaned some, went and walked for over an hour. Getting ready to shower. The kids will be home soon and need to plan some supper.
life is good.
Happy Day

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Lisa said...

Savannah's Pictures were cute. Allison was a witch also.

Hang in here. Rumors, rumors, What would be do without them? Just think, if their talking about you, there giving someone else a rest!!

You know what you have done and what you haven't. You are not going to please everyone, so don't even try!!