Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday =)

Feeling a weensy bit better. Gonna clean today I suppose. Got up and Savannah decided she wanted curly curls... Well... lets just say I spent an hour this morning curling each lil curly curl. She wore her Little House on the Prarie dress as she called it. She usually likes to be Mary, but today she wanted to be evil Nelly... So Nelly it is. She looked adorable.
I have already been to the grocery and starting on my/Savannahs bedroom. It was already clean, but Im tidying up more.
Juan got suspended from school. A boy started a food fight with him, threw chili all down his back... Juan got very mad, threw broccoli cheest at the boy, the the boy hit him in the face with something. If you know Juan, you don't throw or touch the kids face... Well, Juan pushed him... The one boy got suspended for 5 days, Juan for 3. I'm not too happy about it and going to make him a very long chore list to keep his school hours busy.
Happy Day.
Life is good
Dianna Lynne

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