Monday, March 01, 2010


"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."

~Maureen Dowd~

=D I think that says it all. I'm really proud of myself, I haven't played WoW in weeks. I have had offers to buy my account, friends have asked if they could have it.... I was really on the fence about what to do with it. I still had a slight hesitation of "going back or not"

After praying, thinking, etc.........Well, I got my sign last night. I cried for a brief bit and then laughed. Quite hard. I don't belong there anymore and talk about perfect timing. I thank God for making it so easy to see. The pure brilliance of timing was for sure a huge, huge sign!

The crying was over almost as soon as it started and like I said I laughed and laughed. God has a sense of humor for sure =)

I really like not playing anymore. I'm liking so much who I am becoming. I have lost so much weight and it keeps falling off. I'm not taking crap, I'm laughing, I'm getting out of the house, forming a life.
Soooooo....... It's gone. I'm NOT going back and I'm very happy about that.

Yesterday I noticed something. About my eyes.

My eyes tell everything about me. I looked over pics of the last few months and my eyes looked so sad. Kyle told me that when I'm sad my eye lose that sparkle, but when I'm happy you can see a twinkle in my eye. That's true and I can see it in my pics. Well, I took some the other day when I was doing my make up check for my date and I have my twinkle back.

I have a busy day and I'm going to spend a few hours at the gym. Working on myself =)

Still LOLing about last night..... Ah! God loves me. He really, really loves me. I love him too <3

<3 Perfect timing

Have a wonderful Monday.

I love you guys!!

~Dianna Lynne

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