Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday =D

Oh my...... Today..... I'm at home for a brief pit stop, but had to blog about church today.........

All my school years practically, I went to a Catholic school. Learned religion year after year.......... Why didn't I ever get this stuff?

This morning of course was Palm Sunday. I have been to church for palm Sunday many years and never knew exactly what it was.

It was when Jesus rode into Jerusalem before his crucifixion and the people waved palm at him as he rode in.

I never knew. Well, with that story comes the crucifixion. I had no idea they were going to be reading that Gospel today and as I knew I would, I cried.

I read it the other night in private and wept. I heard it aloud this morning and wept again. Hearing how afraid Jesus was prior. I just cried. He knew what they were going to do to him. How he went with his closest friends and prayed at how scared he was. He didn't understand why God was doing this. When Daniel talked about.....

Mark 14:36
36"Abba,[a] Father," he said, "everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will."

He didn't do what he wanted to do, he did what God wanted. The most unselfish act in history. He was living the life we needed to be living and he was going to be crucified and die in place of where we should be. He didn't deserve that. We did and do.

Why didn't I pay attention to this stuff before? Maybe I didn't want to learn it, maybe I was selfish and too focused on myself. But I got it this morning.

A moment of clarity came when Daniel was reading the Gospel about how after the ninth hour when Jesus said his last words and took his last breath (I was a blubbering mess) that the curtain was opened from heaven and earth and it is THROUGH JESUS that we can now be with God. I did not know that. Not ever. I didn't understand what it meant. I understand it now. Through Jesus we can now have a relationship with God. He suffered, died and was buried because we as people are such awful creatures. We are all awful, selfish, hurtful human beings. Gods Grace. Jesus death.
What a sacrifice. I didn't know where the term Excruciating came from. They needed a word to describe the pain and suffering that Jesus went through on the cross. I had no idea the origin of that word.

Was just amazing this morning. Even more amazing that I am gaining such a deep understanding and crave more. Showing my Faith in God, trusting he is going to take me where ever I need to be. No matter what I do, I will end up where he wants me to be. I can kick, scream and fight it, do my own thing......but in the end I will go where He takes me.

Might as well just sit back, relax and receive everything he has in store for me.


I can't put into words how full of Joy my heart is.

I thank God for helping me understand what Easter really is about. I thank Him for sending His son to die for me, so I can be who I am. Selfish.

God is Love, Hope, Joy, Goodness, Fun, Happy, Beautiful......Everything that is Good, God is.

He is my Home =)

I wish I would've known all these years that I couldn't get happiness from individuals. Would've taken a lot of pressure off me and them. Happiness comes from with in. Happiness comes from God being with in you.


With my heart bursting, I have to gooooooooo to the gym and then a party at the fire house YAY!!!!!! =D I'm excited!

Have a wonderful Sunday and Carol church was FABULOUS!!

Love, Love, Love

<3 <3 <3

Me =)


the curl said...

I'm bursting with joy for you and with you! I know what you mean, I didn't understand it even after 50+ years. It's so simple, so humbling and so awesome and yes, it will bring you to tears! God with us
(Immanuel) and God saving us (Jesus)
and we didn't do anything to earn it
(free), because He loves us- and He did it WHILE we were still sinners! Thanks for sharing that since I won't get to go to church until late! Woo Hoo!
Love ya,


the curl said...

Oh, and I do want to share that my
Catholic roots were a bit different, don't know why, but I learned very early the Excruciating death Christ suffered. And He did it for us. The only difference was that I thought I had to "keep doing stuff" to be right with God, that somehow His death wasn't enough. Of course, I always failed! I love Easter and what it means! And I thank God that He continues to show me and teach me through His Word!

6 Sisters and a Brother said...

Dianna! What a blessing to hear all you are learning and all that God is showing you! I'm rejoicing with you as well!!

Melzie said...

you made me cry today Di. Like major cry. Good tears though. :) Love you lots chicadee :*D xoxo mel