Thursday, March 25, 2010


What can I say......... I learn more and more every day. =) I, as you guys know have been changing and learning. I have learned more this year than in my past thirty-seven on this earth.

It's amazing how close-minded I have been.

I ask God to show me what areas I need to work on. This week, long focus on accountability. I am quick to become defensive and then look to blame someone else for anything that has gone wrong in my life.

Now that I am taking apart the past instances in my life I do see and accept my part in things that have gone bad. I know in a lot of the cases I am not the sole one to blame, BUT.........I need to be responsible for my own shortcoming and accept/acknowledge only my part. I could not say that before, I didn't see it before. Blame, blame,blame.

If they have done wrong, it is their problem. Sure I have been hurt. Being beaten surely wasn't my fault, no matter what I said or did.....But, I am dealing with all that happened and he will be held accountable for his wrong doing. I need not worry about any of that anymore.

Free my own spirit, focus on becoming who I want to be. Letting everyone else live their own life and accept responsibility for their own actions. Makes my life alot easier if the only reaping and sowing I'm worried about is my own.

It has been hard for me to accept some of the things I have done. I had to write letters for therapy. Angry letters letting every single feeling protrude out of me. They were horrible, horrible letters.....BUT......I let it out. I don't have to carry that anger around with me.

I am working on forgiveness also. I am trying to right wrongs I have done. Trying to apologize where I can.

I apologized to Kyle for things I said and did when we were married. I was so angry at him for this and for that, but I was focusing on his wrong, not mine. It takes two people for a marriage to work and I needed to worry more about fixing what I was doing wrong....... Less time on what he was doing wrong. Sure it needed to be voiced, if he didn't know what was bothering me, how could it of been fixed? I should've used nicer words. I should've been more compassionate.

Faith, patience, faith, patience......Go hand-n-hand

We are the authors of our OWN book.

God amazes me every day when he shows me something new.

Much Love and Happy Thursday.

Life is too wonderful for words =)

~ Dianna

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