Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Happy Tuesday!! Bloggety Blogging early because I won't be home the rest of the day.

Things are going pretty fantastic ;)

I got upset yesterday evening and wasn't quite sure how to handle it. I went through great trouble to extend an olive branch to someone. They accepted it and then turned right back around and did something very mean.

I thought about it a lot........Wondering did they know what they were doing? Surely they wouldn't do that on purpose. Past history says yes, but I just don't want to believe that people are that cruel. Mom seems to think it was done on purpose.

My normal reaction would be to hash it out with them as to why they did it.......It took a lot for me to just let it go. I cried briefly about it and let it go. Those who know me and know me well, know that was a struggle for me.

God blessed me with wonderful, wonderful friends and family. I vented to them about it and said nary a word.


LOL That wasn't turning over a new leaf for me, that was turning over the whole Yosemite National Park =)

Got to finish scrubbing my house and then head to the gym with Angel and Mike.

After that collecting kids and off to Community Groups for the evening!

LOST Tonight.......... YAY!!!!!!!!!!! American Idol...semi yay!! I Love LOST soooooooooo much!!

Okay, have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Life is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful ;)

Enjoy it.



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Carie said...

I to love LOST, so sad knowing its almost gone :(

I have been reading your blog for so very long, always amazed at your inner strength, even when you didn't see it, I am so happy for you, for the happiness you have found, for finding yourself...you are so much stronger than you realize, or maybe you are starting to see it now :)
You Go Girl!!!!