Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Evening =D

Joy is a flower that blooms when you do. ~Author Unknown

I LOVE today =D!!! My morning went great, Juan got up for school and we were out the door, no fussing or fighting!

Angel met me at the gym and we worked out for 2.5 hours this morning. I loved seeing her and I have missed her so much. We used to see each other every day in hair school, so I'm glad to have her back in my life.

I came home, ate lunch, got the kids and went back to the gym for another 1.5 hours. Savannah got here and we have laughed and danced.

I have such joy in my heart and I'm so glad that all the anger has passed. That was a storm I never want to weather again.

I taped this Psalm over my headboard it's Psalm 4
4 In your anger do not sin;
when you are on your beds,
search your hearts and be silent.

I need to practice being silent. That's my big, biggggg one. I don't want to forget it and it's probably the hardest thing for me. When I am angry, be silent.

Happy Thursday

Love you guys


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