Friday, March 26, 2010


Faith.....What exactly is it?

From my understanding it's believing in something you can not see, nor touch. The definition in the dictonary is believing in something even though there is no proof.

I guess the no proof can apply when you are having faith in a person.... but it totally does not apply to God. Take a look around the world and how can anyone say there is no proof.

Faith has been a difficult challenge for me. I can't tell you the personal struggles I have had with Faith. I understand the concept of what it is. You hear people time and again say "Have Faith"....Saying the phrase and being at a spot in your life where you have true Faith is very, very difficult.

All my life I have not trusted many. Becoming a Christian and having a relationship with God means having Faith. "Giving it all to him" Isn't as easy as it sounds. Hey, someones offering you a free ride from all your pain and sin..........It should be easy to hand it over to him.

It takes discipline and practice to do this, but when you REALLY give it to him, the burden lifted off your chest is so freeing.

It's funny, I will picture myself giving everything over to him. My worry, my sadness, my problems.......I see his big thumbs coming over to pick them out of my head. I feel better for a few, but then I take them back. I hear God say......"Dianna, give them back" So I hand them back over..... Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm getting better about giving them to him and my heart feels so free! I just wish I could show you guys my inside, how broken I was.......I wish I could show you now how full my heart is. I can't even believe it myself =)

Before I close, keep Elmer and his family in your prayers. His father passed away today. He was a terrific, terrific man.

Lots of Love


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