Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturdayyyyy! =D

What a long day and it's still not done. Had to take a break. x.x

Savannahs soccer orientation was this morning, I signed Kyle up for team manager so we met him over at the place and got her shirt. All those U of K fans on her team and her colors are red and black LOL! They were all sighing!

Bet my mom loves it!

Went to the gym and worked out. Me n Mike were working out and from the power outtage yesterday the air was out and we were HOT! Good Lord have mercy! My hair was soaked and LOL Mike was dripping sweat as well. Yesterday, as I said above the power went out and me, Mike and Kevin worked out in the dark, was kinda fun! Mike told Kevin we should have a candle light dinner in there and put the lights out on Friday nights. Serve some wine! Kevin said get everyone drunk and put them on the treadmill! LOL!

Not your ordinary Y .....O.o

I love the gym soooooooooo much. =D Oh..... for other news..........28.5 lbs =) I was standing next to Kyle yesterday and Savannah looked over at me and said "wow mom" =) Yea, yea I know I know!! My clothes are all falling off and I LOVE IT!!!

Me n mom went and took Anthony to rent his tux for prom, then out to Steak N Shake to eat. We were all crabby and grumpy! Was kinda funny.

I got back to moms then walked 2.5 miles. I loved it! =D It's so beautiful out and it's just my time to think and reflect on the day. I can't tell you enough how gorgeous it was today!!

I'm soooooooooooo stinking happy =D


<3 you all and it totally is a wonderful life!!

Palm Sunday tomorrow YAY!!



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